What Will We Use As Our Primary Communications Platform?

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I use Teams as the primary communications platform for all of our course communications including class, office hours and other meetings. Teams is part of the Microsoft Office Microsoft Teams logo365 Suite. If you are unfamiliar with Teams, it is an online platform that allows for text-based discussion, video conferencing and/or audio calls. Teams is associated with your SHU-issued account and authenticates via your SHU network credentials.

You can DM me in Teams or, if you are already enrolled in one of my courses, post a question to the #Course Questions channel in our course’s Teams workspace. I will try to reply to any communications as soon as possible but certainly no more than 24 hours after receipt. If you prefer a video conference (and who doesn’t?) please DM me with some convenient days/times and we’ll set it up.

If you have never used Teams before, visit the Microsoft Teams for Education – Quick Start Guide and video training for Teams.