LB&R Discussion Outlines

These discussion outlines support Law, Business & Regulation, by Hunter, Shannon, Amoroso & O’Sullivan-Gavin. These discussion outlines have been developed by, and are the property of, Professor John H. Shannon. They are for the use of his students and may not be used for any commercial purpose. Your access to these materials cannot be transferred to anyone else who may use that access for any other purpose. VIOLATION WILL SUBJECT YOU TO VARIOUS PENALTIES.

Unit I: Introduction to the Legal Environment

Chapter One: The American Legal System

Chapter Two: Court Systems

Chapter Three: Constitutional Perspectives

Chapter Four: International Perspectives

Unit II: Contracts

Chapter Five: Contracts Overview

Chapter Six: The Agreement

Chapter Seven: Consideration

Chapter Eight: Contractual Capacity

Chapter Nine: Genuineness Of Assent

Chapter Ten: Writing And Form

Chapter Eleven: Legality

Chapter Twelve: Performance And Discharge

Chapter Thirteen: Remedies For Breach Of Contract

Unit III: Business Associations

Chapter Fourteen: Agency

Chapter Fifteen: Sole Proprietorships And Partnerships

Chapter Sixteen: Corporations And Hybrid Forms Of Organization

Unit IV: Regulatory Environment

Chapter Seventeen: Employment Law, Regulation And Labor Law

Chapter Eighteen: Employment Discrimination

Chapter Nineteen: Antitrust Law

Chapter Twenty: Intellectual Property: Patents

Chapter Twenty One: Intellectual Property: Copyrights

Chapter Twenty Two: Intellectual Property: Trademarks And Trade Secrets