In Class

What should you bring to class … in addition to yourself?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to move to a fundamentally different set of delivery modalities, e.g., HyFlex, hybrid, remote, synchronous or unsynchronous or some combination of approaches to teaching and learning. We are increasingly working remotely in order to accomplish our work. That remote modality demands that we adjust our understanding of acceptable protocols for attendance and participation, whether a meeting or course attendance, engagement and participation.

While working together using a digital platform, e.g., Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc. it is important that you join the session with a live camera and muted mic. A live camera helps to create a sense of community and will help all of us to engage effectively during our discussions. If you only unmute your mic when speaking we can avoid feedback, unsolicited input from family, pets and others as well as any random noise. If you cannot be seen or heard by your classmates it will be difficult to actively engage in course meetings. That will have negative implications for your grade results. Please review the Protocols for Online Meetings and Classes for more information.

First, the course text or any materials required for that class are a must. It is always a good idea to buy the course text (if one is required) early in the semester. If you have not purchased the text, you will not be able to complete the reading assignments and then you will not meet my expectations related to in-class participation. That will not be good.

Next up is your device of choice (laptop, tablet, mobile) to bring to class. We will be actively using technology to search for answers to the questions raised during our discussions. Just be sure you can function in a class environment with the device you carry that day. Small screens and keyboards are occasionally difficult to work with under the wrong circumstances.

Finally, bring something to take notes. Many prefer to take notes using a device but you may prefer to use paper (a venerable technology in its own right) to take notes in class. Whatever works for you … go for it!