Teaching And Learning

Teaching and learning is a collaborative enterprise. All who participate in a learning environment have responsibility for its success. That responsibility demands that everyone bring their best efforts to the experience, engage fully by having prepared in advance and being ready to challenge and be challenged.

My approach to teaching and learning is certainly not unique. All of us who teach, I believe, seek to create challenging learning environments for our students, help them to better understand difficult subject matter, consider the ethical challenges raised by that subject matter and, finally, help them to evolve into productive citizens who contribute to their communities.

I am not an “easy” professor. I am a challenging teacher who, while maintaining rigorous standards, is also readily available to help students meet those challenges. I create, with your assistance,  learning environments that will raise the bar on your performance expectations.

I invest a great deal of time developing methodologies that integrate both standard and cutting edge information technologies into my courses. I have migrated all of my courses to digital platforms that allow me to introduce alternative delivery methods for assignments, communication, teamwork and subject matter delivery. Since 2004, the digital platforms I have integrated include wikis, discussion boards, digital journals, videoconferencing, text messaging, eReaders and a variety of mobile platforms. This effort supports my commitment to integrating applied and experiential approaches with the theoretical.

Finally, I fully expect that we’ll have some laughs along the way.

Before We Begin

There are several deliverables that you must complete before our course begins. You will find them below. Please complete them at least 48 hours before our course launches.


We will use Teams to support our course communications needs. Teams is part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. If you are unfamiliar with Teams, it is an online platform that allows for text-based discussion, video conferencing and/or audio calls. Teams is associated with your SHU-issued account and authenticates via your SHU network credentials. It is important that you Microsoft Teams Logoupdate your O365 profile before we begin. Please visit here for help updating your profile with current information, including your profile picture.

We have all experienced lost emails, misplaced documents and other organizational disruptions when using email to support a team working on a project. Having everything in one place helps us to work together, rather than jumping around between emails, IMs, texts and a bunch of other programs. Everything you share in Teams is automatically indexed and archived, creating a searchable archive of all of our work. I have used Teams to support communications (text, audio, video, file sharing, etc.) in my courses and have learned that it is a terrific communication tool that helps everyone be more productive.

Please complete the following steps in Teams no later than 48 hours before our class begins:
  • Update your O365 profile and be sure to include a profile picture that is easily recognizable as you.
  • Download the apps for desktop and mobile for a much better experience. When you have installed the apps please leave them active on your desktops (as you do with Outlook) so that you will receive course notifications.
  • If you have never used Teams before, visit the Microsoft Teams for Education – Quick Start Guide and video training for Teams.

Since Internet Explorer does not play well with Blackboard or this site and Google uses Chrome to track everything you do on the web, I suggest that you use either Firefox or Safari as your browser for all of your coursework.

Please install and test Teams no later than 48 hours before our course launches.

Introduce Yourself

Complete this deliverable by posting to the Introductions channel in our Teams workspace.

Introduce yourself to your classmates in the Introductions channel in Teams. In your post, please address the following topics or anything about yourself that you Keep Calm and Wave Hellowould like to share with the class so that we can get to know you better.

  • What degree and concentration are you pursuing?
  • When do anticipate completing your degree?
  • What are your professional affiliation(s)?
  • Hobbies and interests?

Post your Introduction in the appropriate channel in our Teams workspace no later than 48 hours before our course launches.

Learning Contract

Complete this deliverable by posting to the Learning Contract channel in our Teams workspace.

Student Learning ContractsPlease read through the materials included in this site including your course syllabus, my Course Policies and the Plagiarism page. Once you have completed your review, post in the Learning Contract channel in Teams that you have reviewed and understand the Course Policies, including your course’s requirements and the plagiarism policy as well as the Seton Hall pledge and your agreement to act in accord with those policies, requirements, and the pledge, while enrolled in our course.

Post your agreement to the terms of the Learning Contract in the appropriate channel in our Teams workspace no later than 48 hours before our course launches.

Media Test

You will work with a variety of different file types while working in our course. Please test the files below to view a sample video (with sound) and open a .PDF file.

Sample video/sound | Leadership Flyer

If neither work, you will need to install the appropriate software. Click theses links to find downloads for VLC Video Player and Adobe Reader.