I am accessible most of the time. Please visit here for details.


I use Teams as the primary communications platform for all of our course communications. When you enroll in one of my courses you will join the Teams workspace team before our class Microsoft Teams logomeets for the first time. Teams is part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. If you are unfamiliar with Teams, it is an online platform that allows for text-based discussion, video conferencing and/or audio calls. Teams is associated with your SHU-issued account and authenticates via your SHU network credentials.

It is important that you update your O365 profile before we begin. Please visit here for help updating your profile with current information, including your profile picture. Download the apps for desktop and mobile for a much better experience. When you have installed the apps please leave them active on your desktops (as you do with Outlook) so that you will receive course notifications. If you have never used Teams before, visit the Microsoft Teams for Education – Quick Start Guide and video training for Teams.


Respect is essential in our various forms of communication. If you are participating in my course then I expect that you will do so with enthusiasm but always with proper decorum. Slang, Etiquettecursing, texting – style acronyms are inappropriate in any interactions in our course. Proper grammar and spelling must be used at all times. Please also use appropriate grammar in all communications and always specify the course and subject matter in the subject line, e.g., “BLAW2301 / Discussion Board #2” or “Smith vs. Jones”, not “yo!” or “hey prof”. For further information on Seton Hall University’s code of conduct, please refer to the Student Handbook.

Electronic Devices

ALL electronic devices must be must be silenced during class meetings, either F2F or virtual.

Parent & Guardian Inquiries/Communication

If I receive any inquiries from parents/guardians regarding your performance in this course, I will first discuss the matter with you, the student. I will not engage in any discussion with parents/guardians until I have done so and received your permission, in writing, to respond to the inquiry.