Recording of classroom lectures, discussions, reproduction of web-based course materials and the redistribution of those recordings or other class materials for any purpose, without my written permission, is prohibited. My purpose is to assist in maintaining student academic integrity, to protect student and faculty privacy, to respect my rights to instructional materials, and to enhance compliance with copyright law.

Audio or visual recording, transmission, distribution of classroom lectures and discussions or reproduction of web-based course materials is prohibited, unless I have provided express written permission (on syllabi, course sites, email, or signed document), and all students in the class have been informed that audio/video recording may occur, and any guest speakers have also given permission. Permission to allow the recording is not a transfer of any copyright in the recording.

Any authorized recording of lectures or class presentations, distribution of classroom lectures and discussions or reproduction of web-based course materials, when authorized, is solely for the purpose of individual or group study with other students enrolled in the same class. The recording may not be reproduced, and/or uploaded to a web platform and/or environment that are publicly accessible or accessible to others not enrolled in the class.

Recordings of classes, course materials, or lecture notes, distribution of classroom lectures and discussions or reproduction of web-based course materials, when authorized, may not be exchanged or distributed for commercial purposes, for compensation, or for any purpose other than study by students enrolled in the class. Public distribution of such materials may constitute copyright infringement in violation of federal or state law, and/or University policy. Course materials include outlines, slides, presentations, readings, or any other content made available to students by me, including those made available through any course reserves system, learning management system, or equivalent.

It is not a violation of my policy for a student determined by the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) to be entitled to educational accommodations to record or adapt classroom lectures or course materials for personal study. Students entitled to accommodations including recording must provide written notification to me from DSS. The restrictions on third-party web and commercial distribution set out apply to these cases.

Students must destroy any approved recordings at the end of the semester in which they are enrolled in the class unless they receive the instructor’s written permission to retain them or are entitled to retain them as an accommodation authorized by DSS.

Violation of this policy may subject a student to disciplinary action.

N.B. Policies of other Universities consulted in preparing this policy include those from the University of Virginia and Rutgers University.