Information about my courses is available at my courseware site, ShannonWeb. Any student who is enrolled in one of my sections has complete access to the materials required in each course through any web browser, except IE. My student course evaluations are available here.

I offer Disruption, Technology & Law during fall semesters, where we examine several of the many issues and challenges propelled by technology driven disruption. The established order in business, and society more generally, faces unprecedented change as a result of the impact of these disruptions. Since the legal and regulatory environment, broadly defined, is often among the most significant influencer of outcomes we examine the implications of these disruptive technologies on the law as well.

Advanced Topics is a seminar, offered in the spring semester, that examines several advanced topics in the legal environment including antitrust, employment regulation, discrimination and labor relations and intellectual property.

In past semesters I have taught a variety of courses including Law and Entrepreneurship, Law, Ethics and Public Policy; Legal and Social Environment of Business; Products Liability; Legal Aspects of Information Technology,  European Community Law and International Law, among others. My teaching portfolio is presently focused at the intersection of business, technology and law and the impact of their interactions.

Each semester I teach at least one section of the Legal Foundations of Business. This course is required of all students enrolled as Stillman undergraduates in either the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.