AT: What Should You Expect?

Advanced Topics is offered each spring semester. The first half of the course is focused on an area of law that is in active discussion in the law, business and technology spaces. We have, in past semesters, taken a deep dive into antitrust law, intellectual property and privacy and surveillance, among others. The second half of the course focuses on twelve cases decided by SCOTUS in the previous term. The subject matter of these cases examines arbitration, first amendment, discrimination, immigration, presidential Immunity, trademarks and voting rights, among others.

The subject matter of the course is interesting, challenging and very timely. We will cover some very interesting topics that are particularly important in the economy of the 21st century. We will use a variety of digital platforms to engage with each other and the course materials. The course deliverables have included case analyses, case simulations and robust discussions of the issues as they affect law, business and technology

I will actively engage you through the use of the Socratic Method, both in class and during our discussions outside class. You will have a better sense of my class sessions after you read my perspective on Teaching and Learning.