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What Is The Legal Studies Minor?

The minor in Legal Studies in Business is a uniquely designed interdisciplinary program. By structuring required course selections and making the commitment toward a rigorous course of study, students will demonstrate competence in those areas of business pre-legal study that will assist in preparing them for the study of law or in their business and professional careers.

You will find more information on the LS Minor curriculum here.

How Can I Enroll In The Legal Studies Minor?

This minor in Legal Studies in business is available to any Seton Hall student who successfully completes 15 credit hours in the minor, with a minimum GPA of 2.75. Once enrolled in the program, a student must maintain a 2.75 GPA in the Minor in Legal Studies in Business curriculum. Students who maintain an overall 3.50 GPA and a 3.50 GPA in the minor courses will be eligible for induction into the Legal Studies Honor Society.

When Can I Declare The Minor?

You can complete the process by visiting with the advisor to the LS Minor, Professor Victor Metallo. Click here to email Professor Metallo for an appointment to discuss the LS Minor.

How Many Credit Hours Are Needed To Complete The Legal Studies Major?

You must complete a total 15 credits. You will find the list of required courses and electives here.

Is It Possible To Complete Multiple Minors?

Yes, but it will require working with your advisor to carefully plan your curriculum. You should meet with Professor Metallo and your academic advisor to discuss the merits of adding the LS Minor to your course of study.

What Can I Do With A Legal Studies Minor?

The Legal Studies Minor will help to prepare you for a career in human resources, real estate practices, the insurance industry, compliance offices, business ventures, or nearly any other field you wish to pursue. The LS Minor also provides you with a solid foundation that will prepare you for law school or other graduate study.

Do I Have To Minor In Legal Studies If I Am Interested In Attending Law School?

No, you do not have to major in legal studies to apply and attend law school. There really is no specific major or minor that is preferred by law schools. Law school admission decisions are based on LSAT scores, overall recalculated gpa, personal statement, letters of recommendation, resume, etc.

Will Declaring Legal Studies Help Me Get Into Law School?

Legal Studies was not specifically designed to prepare students for law school, nor does it provide legal training. There is no officially recommended pre-law major here at Seton Hall. You can study any major and still apply to law school. The LS minor will, however, help you to become more legally astute, i.e., help to develop your ability to think, analyze and write critically. These are all competencies that law schools view positively.

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