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Before Week 1

You will complete this deliverable by visiting the Before We Begin page of ShannonWeb.

Source Materials

Week 1, Classes 1 & 2 | Introduction To DT&L

During Class

  • Introduction to DT&L (Monday)
  • Discuss DT&L Project
  • Team Organization
  • Project Focus
  • DT&L alumni discussion (Wednesday)

Week 2, Class 3 & 4 | How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

Review Before Class

  • FTI: 2020 Tech Trends Report
  • Prepare pps. 1-4, 10-28, 66-67
  • Review pps. 5-9, 29-64
  • The Flare and Focus of Successful Futurists, Webb
  • How to Do Strategic Planning Like a Futurist, Webb

During Class

  • Using the FTI framework & materials
  • Review current events

Week 3, Class 5 | Dots… What Dots? & Creativity & Ideas

Monday: Labor Day – No Class

Review Before Class (Monday)
Back To The Future (of 1994), Danny Hillis
A 30 Year History Of The Future, Nicholas Negroponte
Why We Need To Imagine Different Futures, Anab Jain
The World In 2200, Pete Alcorn
During Class (Monday)
How Did We Get Here?
Review current events
Review Before Class (Wednesday)
Creativity, Wikipedia
Ideas, Wikipedia
The Power Of Creativity And Ideas
MIT’s Media Lab
How Art, Technology & Design Inform Creative Leaders, John Maeda
Where Tomorrow’s Technology Is Born
Inside MIT’s “Future Factory”
Meet The Sixth Sense Interaction
The Thrilling Potential Of Sixth Sense Technology
Land of the Giants, Ep1: The Rise of Amazon (dropped 7/22/19)
During Class (Wednesday)
Discuss Creativity & Ideas
Review current events
Thinking Outside The Box Exercise: prep deck to explain 9 dot puzzle and out of the box thinking

Week 4, Classes 6 & 7 | Disruptive Innovation & Jobs To Be Done

Review Before Class (Monday)
What is Disruptive Innovation?
Disruptive Innovation, Clayton Christiansen
The Explainer: Disruptive Innovation
Disruptive Innovation, Robert Perrons
The Art of Innovation, Guy Kawasaki
Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of ‘Disruption’, Derek Thompson
During Class (Monday)
Discuss Disruptive Innovation
Review current events
Review Before Class (Wednesday)
What Is Jobs-to-be-Done?
Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory and Methodology
Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework
Jobs-To-Be-Done Examples and Rules
Applying Jobs-to-be-Done Theory
Outcome-Driven Innovation Process – Overview
Land of the Giants, Ep2: Why You’ll Never Quit Amazon Prime (dropped 7/23/19)
During Class (Wednesday)
Applying JBTD
Review current events

Week 5, Classes 8 & 9 | Digital Transformation & The Future

Review Before Class
Digital Transformation, Wikipedia
History of the Internet,  Wikipedia
Introducing the Digital Transformation Initiative, World Economic Forum
The Six Stages of Digital Transformation Maturity, Brian Solis
What Will a Future Without Secrets Look Like?, Alessandro Acquisti
A Roadmap for a Digital Transformation, McKinsey
Five Moves To Make During A Digital Transformation, McKinsey
The Seven Decisions That Matter In A Digital Transformation: A CEO’s Guide To Reinvention, McKinsey
Anatomy of Failure: Mobile Flops from RIM, Microsoft, and Nokia, Galen Gruman
Land of the Giants, Ep3: Alexa, What’s Amazon Doing Inside My Home? (dropped 7/30/19)
During Class
Discuss Dx
Review current events

Week 6, Classes 10 & 11 | Aggregation Theory

Review Before Class
An Introduction to Aggregation Theory, Anuj Abrol
Aggregation Theory and Digital Platforms, Ben Thompson
Aggregation Theory, Ben Thompson
How ‘Aggregation Theory’ is Fueling a Multi-Trillion Dollar Technology Revolution, Tikue Anazodo
Aggregation Theory: The Most Powerful Economics Theory You Didn’t Learn at University, David Lifely
Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox, 126 Yale Law Journal 3 (2017)
Land of the Giants, Ep4: When Amazon Leaves Your Town (dropped 8/6/19)
During Class
Discuss Aggregation Theory
Review current events
Project Phase 1 due Sunday no later than 11p

Week 7, Classes 12 & 13 | Artificial Intelligence

Review Before Class
FTI: 2019 Tech Trends Report
Prepare pps. 70-94
Artificial Intelligence, Wikipedia
Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence, Wikipedia
The Incredible Inventions of Intuitive AI, Maurice Conti
What Moral Decisions Should Driverless Cars Make?, Iyad Rawan
Machine Intelligence Makes Human Morals More Important, Zeynep Tufekci
The Wonderful and Terrifying Implications of Computers That Can Learn, Jeremy Howard
This App Knows How You Feel From The Look On Your Face, Rana el Kaliouby
How To Get Empowered, not Overpowered, By AI, Max Tegmark
Top 9 Ethical Issues In Artificial Intelligence, Julia Bossmann
New Research Alliance Cements Split on AI Ethics, David Matthews
Inside Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence Flywheel, Steven Levy
Machine Learning Proves Its Worth to Business, Bob Violino
Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse, Maureen Dowd
Land of the Giants, Ep5: Why the Robot Revolution is Our Fault (dropped 8/13/19)
During Class
Discuss AI
Review current events
Project Phase 2 due Sunday no later than 11p on Sunday, 10/13
Project Phase 3 Script Reviews | Schedule two hour blocks between 10a and 4p on Thursday (10/17) and Friday (10/18)

Week 8, Classes 14 & 15 | IoT

Review Before Class
Internet of Things, Wikipedia
Metcalfe’s Law, Wikipedia
Welcome to the Age of the Industrial Internet, Marco Annunziata
Internet of Things is Now and the Future, Wei Xiang
Everything Around You Can Become a Computer, Ivan Poupyrev
Internet of Things Security, Ken Munro
Land of the Giants, Ep6: How Amazon Charmed Wall Street (dropped 8/20/19)
During Class
Discuss IoT
Review current events

Week 9, Classes 16 & 17 | Big Data

Review Before Class
Big Data, Wikipedia
Big Data Ethics, Wikipedia
Big Data is Better Data, Kenneth Cukior
Your Social Media Likes “Expose” More Than You Think, Jennifer Golbeck
What Do We Do With All This Big Data?, Susan Etlinger
What Are You Revealing Online? Much More Than You Think, Alessandro Acquisti & Jennifer Golbeck
The Human Insights Missing from Big Data, Tricia Wang
Land of the Giants, Ep7: Is Amazon Too Big? We Ask Its Sellers (dropped 8/27/19)
Review Before Class (Wednesday)
Zuck’s Georgetown Speech: Video and Transcript
During Class
Discuss Big Data (Monday)
Discuss the implications of Zuck’s speech (Wednesday)
Review current events

Week 10, Classes 18 & 19 | Cloud Computing

Review Before Class
Cloud Computing, Wikipedia
Elastic Cloud Storage, Wikipedia
Elasticity (Cloud Computing), Wikipedia
Cloud Computing Issues, Wikipedia
Cloud Computing Security, Wikipedia
What Is Cloud Computing And How It Is Enabling The Big Data Economy, Bernard Marr
Thinking Forward About Cloud Computing, John Easton
How Four Technologies Created The ‘Perfect Storm’ For Online Learning, Anant Agarwal
Land of the Giants, Ep8: ‘I Love Amazon. Let’s Break It Up.’ (dropped 9/12/19)
During Class
Discuss Cloud Computing
Review current events

Week 11, Classes 20 & 21 | The Future of Work

Review Before Class
Maybe the Gig Economy Never Was What It Used to Be
Machine Learning Will Redesign, Not Replace, Work
Workforce Of The Future – 2030, PWC
3 Myths About the Future of Work, Daniel Susskind
How We’ll Earn Money In A Future Without Jobs, Martin Ford
The Future of Work — 3 Mega-Trends, Graham Brown-Martin
Harnessing Automation For A Future That Works, McKinsey & Company
Humanity Is More Important Than Money — It’s Time For Capitalism To Get An Upgrade, Andrew Yang
Why We Should Value ‘Invisible Labor, Yonatan Zunger
Technological Unemployment and UBI, Michael K. Spencer
Capitalism Has a Problem. Is Free Money the Answer?, Peter S. Goodman
Land of the Giants, All Episodes
Is Amazon Unstoppable?
Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan
During Class
Discuss the future of work
Review current events
Completed DT&L Projects Posted No Later Than Sunday at 6p

Week 12, Classes 22 & 23 | Perspective

During Class
David Middleton, Microsoft (Monday)
Future of Education
Frank Diana, Tata Consultancy Services (Wednesday)
Reimagining The Future
Review current event
Completed Gretzky Plans Posted No Later Than Sunday at 6p

Week 13, Classes 22 & 23 | Perspective



Week 14, Classes 25, 26 & 27  | DT&L Project & Gretzky Plan Discussions

Wednesday (11/27): Thanksgiving Break – No Class

Review Before Class
Review DT&L Projects and Gretzky Plans in preparation for discussions
During Class
Project discussions

Week 14, Class 26

Course Wrap

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