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The Age of AI

- And Our Human Future
 Author: Henry A Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, Daniel Huttenlocher  Category: Artificial Intelligence, Privacy, Social Aspects of Technology, Surveillance  Publisher: Little, Brown and Company  Published: November 1, 2021  ISBN: 0316273805  Pages: 272  Buy Now

Generative AI is filling the internet with false information. Artists, writers, and many other professionals are in fear of their jobs. AI is discovering new medicines, running military drones, and transforming the world around us—yet we do not understand the decisions it makes, and we don’t know how to control them.

In The Age of AI, three leading thinkers have come together to consider how AI will change our relationships with knowledge, politics, and the societies in which we live. The Age of AI is an essential roadmap to our present and our future, an era unlike any that has come before.

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