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Strategic Foresight

- Learning from the Future
 Author: Patricia Lustig ,  Category: Forecasting, Leadership  Publisher: Triarchy Press Ltd  Published: 21 Jul, 2015  ISBN: 190947066X  Pages: 186

Revised and fully updated in August 2017, with an important new section on Scenario Tools and Scenario Planning. his is a book is for leaders, to aid their practice in strategy, decision making and change – it’s a very practical (field) guide to foresight and foresight tools. It’s aimed at leaders in manufacturing, service, non-profit, government and fourth sector organisations. Strategic Foresight is a set of skills and tools used to explore potential futures exercising your ‘futures muscles’ so that you are able to plan for and take advantage of these possible futures. The book first explores how we think about the future, looking at ambiguity and uncertainty and how these play a role in our ability to think into the future. It introduces a simple model of preferred thinking styles and talks about the ‘baggage’ and values that form our perceptions. The next section covers models, tools and maps that people will find useful for developing their own Foresight and using this knowledge to make decisions, whilst uncovering innovation and creativity to turn this Foresight knowledge to competitive advantage. This is not a comprehensive list – just a selection of the most effective tools with their use and case studies that are easy and effective to use. The next two sections cover: How to identify emerging trends; what impact they may have on your business; the strategic importance of early recognition; and how to apply the knowledge in your business. Harnessing Foresight as a spring board for innovation and creativity to develop new paradigms and take advantage of what may come. Finally, the author pulls it all together by showing how to develop a practical method of exploring potential futures in the context of your existing business in order to take robust decisions and develop strategies that help you work towards your preferred future. Case studies are interspersed throughout the book to illustrate the points made along with exercises, where appropriate, to encourage people to ‘think along’ with the ideas and new ways of approaching Strategic Foresight.

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