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shift 2020

- How Technology Will Impact Our Future: A Collaborative Book Including Foresights On How Technology Will Impact Our Future
 Author: Rudy De Waele ,  Category:  Publisher: Nyota Media Ltd  Published: 06 Jan, 2014  ASIN: B00HQ5U53E  Pages: 144  More Here

Shift 2020 gives you an understanding how technology is going to influence, shape and impact your daily life in the near future. Many different areas of how we will communicate, work and do business together in the immediate future are covered in depth. It’s a collaborative book including foresights by some of the world’s leading experts.

Topics include 3D Printing, AI, Apps, Biotech, Cloud, Connected Living, Consumers, Context, Crowdfunding, Data, Education, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, Fashion, GreenTech, Health, Hyperconnectivity, IoT / IoE, M2M, Maker Movement, Media, P2P Money, Retail, Robotics, Sensors, Smart Cities, Social Media, Society, Surveillance, Transport, Wearables with global input as well as focused on emerging markets such as BRIC and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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