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Privacy Law Sourcebook 2020

 Author: Marc Rotenberg ,  Category: Law, Privacy  Publisher: Electronic Privacy Information Center  Published: November 20, 2019  ISBN: 1732613931  Pages: 781

The Privacy Law Sourcebook is the leading resource for students, attorneys, and policymakers interested in privacy law in the United States and around the world. The Sourcebook includes major U.S. privacy laws. The Sourcebook also includes key international privacy frameworks such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the modernized Council of Europe Convention on Privacy. The Privacy Law Sourcebook 2020 includes the new California Consumer Privacy Act, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, the Public Voice Declaration for a Moratorium on Facial Recognition, and updates on GDPR implementation. EPIC’s Privacy Law Sourcebook also includes extensive contact information for privacy agencies, organizations, and publications.

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