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- How Organizations Use Foresight to Thrive in Turbulent Times
 Author: Dmitriy Zakharov  Category: Forecasting, Strategy  Publisher: New Degree Press  Published: February 9, 2022  ISBN: 1637306024  Pages: 260

Anyone who has visited a foreign place can relate how disorienting it is to lack a command of the local language. To orient ourselves within the human environment and operate effectively in our modern world, we must be able to communicate.

Organizations have languages too, and they also find themselves at a loss when they don’t have the language they need for the situation at hand. Future-Fluent: How Organizations Use Foresight to Thrive in Turbulent Times makes a compelling case for the modern discipline of foresight as the must-have institutional language in today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous landscape.

With an eye toward readers of every stripe and sector, this book lays out:

  • How foresight fits into the family of languages that today’s organizations have at their disposal
  • How different kinds of institutions use foresight in practice
  • Actionable steps to build future-fluency within your organizations
  • Ways to assess institutional future-fluency and its value in achieving ultimate goals

Future-Fluent is ideal for current and future leaders seeking a forward-looking approach to managing and improving their organizations. It aims to inspire futures-thinking, because as the winds of change grow fiercer, foresight offers the best hope for navigating to a brighter tomorrow.

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