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Digital Media Law

 Author: Ashley Packard  Category: Computer & Internet Law, Law, Media & Internet  Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell  Published: August 28, 2012  ISBN: 1118290720  Pages: 416

Covering the latest legal updates and rulings, the second edition of Digital Media Law presents a comprehensive introduction to all the critical issues surrounding media law.

  • Provides a solid foundation in media law
  • Illustrates how digitization and globalization are constantly shifting the legal landscape
  • Utilizes current and relevant examples to illustrate key concepts
  • Revised section on legal research covers how and where to find the law
  • Updated with new rulings relating to corporate political speech, student speech, indecency and Net neutrality, restrictions on libel tourism, cases filed against U.S. information providers, WikiLeaks and shield laws, file sharing, privacy issues, sexting, cyber-stalking, and many others

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