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Click Here to Kill Everybody

- Security and Survival in a Hyper-connected World
 Author: Bruce Schneier ,  Category: Media & Internet, Privacy, Surveillance  Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company  Published: 04 Sep, 2018  ISBN: 0393357449  ASIN: B07BLMQKZK  Pages: 336  More Here

From driverless cars to smart thermostats, from autonomous stock-trading systems to drones equipped with their own behavioral algorithms, the Internet now has direct effects on the physical world. Forget data theft: cutting-edge digital attackers can now literally crash your car, pacemaker, and home security system, as well as everyone else’s.

In Click Here to Kill Everybody, best-selling author Bruce Schneier explores the risks and security implications of our new, hyper-connected era, and lays out common-sense policies that will allow us to enjoy the benefits of this omnipotent age without falling prey to the consequences of its insecurity.

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