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- Trendspotting for the Next Decade
 Author: Richard Laermer  Category: Business & Economics, Forecasting, Strategy  Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education  Published: April 13, 2008  ISBN: 0071497277  Pages: 320

A better time for your business starts in the next decade. Are you ready? In this fast and furious time machine of a book, Richard Laermer shows you how to use-and in some cases abuse-the trends of the next decade (or two) that really matter. As an author with a functional crystal ball, a veteran marketing innovator, and media master, Laermer foresees a fabulous future-if you start planning for it today. Sometimes you see a business evolve and think, “I wish I’d thought of that.” With his trademark razor-sharp style, Laermer reveals the most functional forecasting secrets of professional trendspotters. Divided into nine categories, with more than 72 “short-short” chapters and dozens of outrageous sidebars, this captivating book shows you the ways to: Read the signs Influence the trends Embrace new and reject stodgy Anticipate change Ask experts the right questions Seek out visionaries and snub fakers Separate the trends from fads Use technology-for everything Cash in on being ahead of the competition! 2011: Trendspotting for the Next Decade is packed with eye-popping predictions (and realities) on how you’ll live, work, play, buy, sell, talk, text, laugh, and more. You’ll discover how miniscule attention spans will increase a need for velocity…how to work while you’re sleeping…how to wash off mediocrity…and why today’s communication devices will become obsolete. With 2011you’ll learn how to participate in change instead of trailing it. Laermer calls trends as he sees ’em-from what’s dead to what’s sensational to what’s novel and what’s next. If you’re looking for surprising observations, shocking statistics, sublime insights, and wholesome food for thought–read this book. Because this is your life…in 2011.

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